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Florida’s Most Affordable Retirement Lifestyle

CRF Resale Communities has been a leading provider of quality, affordable retirement living in Central Florida for over 30 years. We offer 14 distinct manufactured home communities, each offering their own individual wealth of amenities and activities. If you are looking for a place to call home and live out your retirement dreams, you will find it here with CRF Communities. Browse our full selection of homes and check out the lifestyle each community has to offer. We are here to help and have an excellent team to assist you along the way! Your retirement begins here:


One of my biggest concerns when buying a home was the safety in the community. I knew I made the right choice with Winter Haven Oaks when I got to know the people that lived here and saw how the park was run.
- Mark
Angler’s Cove/West is run by the friendliest people. They are very helpful in the office and the purchasing was very easy, no hassles
I knew I made the right choice in Angler’s Green when I saw the golf course and the community itself has a friendly park atmosphere
I have been a resident of Angler’s Cove for 3 years now and I would recommend it to my friends. The community is clean, friendly, and there are lots of things to do with good people
Our biggest concern when searching for a home was the area and home itself. The moment we saw the home in person, we knew we made the right choice. It is a good home and well worth the price
Angler’s Cove West is the friendliest, nicest community. It has lots of activities, 2 swimming pools, shuffleboard courts and billiards!
Coming from Canada, we were concerned about the monetary exchange rate and finding the right location. We were treated so well by the people in the community and were very pleased not only with the lot rents but the well kept amenities