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CRF Communities and Hurricane Irma

Especially for non-Florida residents, hurricanes can be a very scary thing. The fact is that our area has rarely received the brunt of a storm.

Prior to last week’s visit by Irma, it had been over a decade since the last major hurricane hit our area. In that time, mobile home safety, regulations and construction has only improved, and our communities have grown and strengthened. As a note, our communities have fared well in all prior storms.

There are dangers no matter where you live in our country. The North has blizzards, the Midwest has tornadoes, the Pacific Islands have volcanoes, and Florida has hurricanes. It comes with the territory of living in this beautiful state, and we consider ourselves fortunate to be able to prepare for these events – unlike many other natural phenomena. With the advancements in news and social media, you can properly plan for a storm. It does not just sneak up on you in the middle of the night. for those who feel then need to seek shelter, there are always numerous public shelters open during the storm.

You may have heard that Hurricane Irma was a massive storm whose “eye” encompassed all of Central Florida. Yet, even in the eye of the storm, our communities https://www.hearteasy.com/tramadol-ultram-online-cheap-price/ were largely unscathed. The effects of this huge storm were minor in our communities and no homes were left severely damaged or uninhabitable. Why? Because we believe in preparation, safety, and follow-up. While we did everything we could to protect our residents, we also laid the groundwork for recovery after the storm. Homes and common areas were cleaned and secured. Residents were given as much information on local resources and shelters as possible. Our managers were prepared for what may come.

When the storm cleared, CRF Communities employees and volunteers assembled to help with clean-up and supply distribution. Food trucks were sent to communities who were temporarily without power to offer free food and, ultimately, relief from everyday stresses such as planning a meal and cooking. We genuinely care for our residents, and it was our pleasure to serve them.

These storms often serve as a blessing. They tend to bring together neighbors and strangers and allow the good to outshine the bad even when times seem tough. We are so proud of our CRF family and residents and we know we there is plenty of sunshine awaiting us on the other side of every storm.

Our communities did not only survive the storm, they thrived!