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Lakeland, Florida was just named the "Top city to buy a home in 2019" by  Realtor.com and Business Insider. We love this city and we are so excited to see it featured in such a great light! Now everyone can see why we love to call this place "home". As a company, we own and manage 3 retirement communities in Lakeland, FL and our corporate headquarters is located in historic downtown!

Lakeland has been such a desirable location to live in Florida because it provides close proximity to the state's top attractions coupled with cozy, small town charm. There are small businesses and local shops everywhere you turn, lakes filled with swans and beautiful scenery, and events happening every weekend making it is easy to meet new friends and see familiar faces. This is the perfect place to begin your active Retirement in the Sunshine State and we have three communities for you to choose from: Anglers Green | Anglers Cove | Anglers Cove West

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