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Resident Activities – Video

Retiring in a CRF Community means entering an exciting new chapter of your life. Don't believe us? Just take a look at the photos and videos submitted by our happy residents, showcasing their favorite community pastimes!


Retirement doesn't have to mean "slowing down" (unless, of course, you choose to). Our community is constantly buzzing with events, group activities, and weekly games that will keep your spirits high. From fitness classes to invigorating water aerobics sessions, we have something for everyone.


Fancy a game of shuffleboard or a thrilling round of Bridge? With Florida's warm and sunny climate all year round, you can enjoy these activities whenever you please!


Still need some convincing? We invite you to personally explore our communities and see for yourself why CRF is the ultimate destination for your Florida retirement dreams.


Contact us today to arrange a tour of our available homes for sale. Indulge in endless adventures, forge priceless relationships, and embrace a lifestyle that will forever hold a special place in your heart - discover the magic of retirement in a CRF Community!

Special thanks to our residents for sharing their fun with us:
Will Cotsifas, Tracey Brady, Sue Wilson, Terry Ingraham, Sue Korth, Sindi Christensen, Robert Paciocco, Robert Lindemann, Robert and Wendy Floyd, Penny Holland, Dale and Pamela Humble, Nancy Martin, Nancy Bostik, Michael McGarrahan, Mary McHugh, Mary Ash, Lisa Walters, Leanne Hall, Kimberly Miller,  Karen Freeman, Joy Jabro, Joseph Sgroi, John Mogilka, Jan Carney, Harold Rohrback, Gary Smith, Eric Anderson, Dorothy Herbst, Dave Shirer, Danny Truelock, Connie Peters, Christine Robinson, Chip Stebbins, Byron Burns, Brian Hughes, Bobbie Jo Thornton, Anna Fearson, Alice Kelly, Alice Crespos, Al Jackson, Al and Kathy Vanhoudt