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Retirees are moving to Florida

For most, retirement seems like a far-off goal that truthfully not everyone will get to experience. That goal may have seemed even more far-fetched in the Covid era but many end-of-year reports actually beg to differ! United Van Lines' 2020 reporting shows that retirees have been leaving their home states even more than the previous year!


United Van Lines (a long distance moving company) noted that Americans continued to move Westbound and Southbound in 2020 - and the pandemic not only factored into their decision to move but also accelerated it. 70% of the moves to Florida in particular were 55+ adults and The Sunshine State was the 3rd most popular state to move to, preceded by Montana and Delaware.


Movers stated that they are attracted to the lifestyle and lack of income tax in Florida. In fact, WalletHub recently released an article naming Florida as the "Best State to Retire". They compared all 50 states and based their ratings on Affordability, Quality of Life, and HealthCare.


If you see a home you love, reach out to our agents, we are so excited to help you find your place here! Like-minded neighbors, a warm and active lifestyle await you! And don't worry about moving away from your family - all 14 of our communities are within an hour of Florida's top attractions, they will be down to visit soon enough!