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Winter in Florida

It is an ongoing joke in Florida. Every year it is the same thing: Hilarious Facebook posts, Northern family members poking fun, and endless jokes on TV. Everyone loves to make fun of Floridians throughout the winter months; And we admit it, we don’t handle anything less than 76 degrees very gracefully. We begin shivering at 65° and are up to three layers of socks by 62°. And even though we do get a little pitiful in the “cold” – we do love this time of year and the few unwritten traditions that come along with it:

  • Adding Peppermint to everything. As soon as the weather dips below 80°, coffee shops beware. We chomp at the bit all year long, waiting to begin sipping hot holiday drinks crafted by our favorite baristas. There are lines winding out the doors of every local spot in town once we feel a slight chill in the air.
  • Wearing close-toed shoes and layering. It is essential to layer in FL; What starts out as a 56° morning might turn into a 78° afternoon, so you have to be able to evolve with the day. Scarves are definitely not a necessity here but they are everywhere you look – we rarely get to wear such cute accessories and we don’t let the opportunity pass us by!
  • Posting on Facebook and sending postcards. Us Floridians love to broadcast the fact that we are enjoying warmer temperatures than the rest of the country. It is just what we do. If a Floridian has a family member up north, you can pretty much guarantee that they have sent them a palm tree picture...most likely while their buddy is busy shoveling snow.

Don't get us wrong, snow is a beautiful thing and we love looking at pictures of it, but we will leave that life to the northern states. For now, we will continue to build our “snowmen” out of sand and the only ice we will be salting is in our drinks.  We feel for you and welcome you to enjoy our kind of winter alongside us next year. Stay warm!